Egidio Bullesi


Servants of God


He was born in Pola, Italy, the son of a poor family, the third of nine brothers. His family was interned and starved during the First World War.    At the age of 13, He started working as apprentice in the shipyard of Pola and  became a skilled worker.  In spite of this hard and dangerous environment, He kept immaculate, carrying out a precious apostleship among the young people.

He became a member of the "Catholic Action" and joined the Third Franciscan Order.   During the military service, he was assigned to the Navy and embarked on the ship "Dante Alighieri" with 1300 fellow soldiers.  He carried out a very profitable apostolate during those two years of military service, and, at the same time,  He studied drawing and completed His studies. Afterwards, He was employed as draftsman in the shipyard of Monfalcone.


He teached catechism in His parish church and He worked eagerly   for the "Charitable Institution of St.Vincent". When he became ill with tuberculosis, he spent a year in the hospital of Pola, giving an admirable example of franciscan fortitude and serenity, and offering His life for the benefit of the missionaries.  He died at the age of 23 years and 8 months. and was declared Venerable after a diocesan trial in Trieste.  His case is under examination in Rome.

Info: Santuario Madonna di Barbana, 34073 Grado(Gorizia)

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