Francesca Gandolfo
Francesca Gandolfo Trimarchi,
Rocco's wife

Francesco Curci, founder of the Curci Musical House (Edizioni Curci)Francesco Curci
and his Musical House. From pianos and "Church Music" to the great publishing:
Edizioni Curci and Carosello Records

the writer Gioconda Trimarchi CurciGioconda
Trimarchi Curci
The gift of communicating enthusiasms, a religious artist and benefactress,
and the martyr Salvo D'Acquisto

the composer Rocco Trimarchi Rocco Trimarchi
The pitiless obstinacy of a cruel fate against an excellent composer of operas and arias, Serrao's pupil, Cilea and Giordano's classmate, appreciated by Wagner and Caruso.

the scientist-benefactor Glauco Curci Glauco Curci
Scientist-Guinea pig, writer, benefactor.
The Rifadin/Rifampin.
"Omnia in luce Dei": more than believing in God, he saw him in the immense mystery of things

the poet Lino CurciLino Curci
Prize-winning poet,
writer, journalist,
war correspondent.
One of the frankest
Catholic poets
of his generation

the violinist Alberto CurciAlberto Curci
Violin virtuoso,
composer, teacher
and generous patron.
The Curci Foundation and the International Violin Competition.

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